Don't be Afraid of Colors

Sometimes you have a photo that is good, but not perfect. The composition is nice, the exposure is correct, and the subject stands out. It's okay as a black and white, and a pretty good sepia, but it just needs something else. Some little color, some little something, so don't be afraid to bring that little something back. It can really make the difference between okay and pretty neat. In most of the cases the subject just is't enough. Se the portofolio of fotograf profesionist bucuresti. What do you think? Jane Gaston. A self taught decorative artist, this is my third career at 68 and I'm loving it! Spent first third of my adult life in public relations, working for other people. The next third was spent in publishing where, after working for others, I was able to create and manage a successful magazine in Cairo, Egypt for about 6 years. After repatriating back to the States to Atlanta (where my 3 children lived), I worked as Managing Editor of a women's magazine for several years before being forced into retirement. After unsuccessfully trying to find a job for almost 2 years, one of my daughters suggested we go into business together and relocate to a smaller town where we could buy an endangered historic home and renovate it. We've now lived in Kinston NC for 5 years and I've been president of the Historic District Commission most of that time. As well, I helped develop the Mitchelltown Preservation Society with a great neighbor and we're all working hard to restore this historic district. This is now my life!