Craigslist Strikes Again

I am so sick of Craigslist. People giving dogs away "Free to good home" and then I get emails like this: Hi my name is Mary. I run a rescue in (month). I received a frantic phone call this morning from a man who recently adopted a jack russell. He has only had the dog less than a week and is already to dump in a shelter. He claims the dog is around 20 pounds and is mixed breed. Unsure on any shots and is not neutered. He was a free to good home on craigslist. They are unequipped to deal with the dogs issues and asked me to take him. I am really full right now and can not take this on. I am hoping to find the dog a safe place before the end of the day or I fear they will take him to a shelter where he will most likely not get adopted. I can be reached at (phone number). Thanks - Mary. This is so common! People dump their problems on someone else and then that person who has no emotional attachment to the dog dumps the dog and then what happens. Dead dof! I guess the kill shelter is better then abused. Seriously I think free to good home should not be allowed! Well really I wish Craiglist didn't exists for animals to be traded like inanimate objects.