Good Things

Ooops. I wrote something slash-y. Okay, so, for the uninitiated, I wrote a short fanfiction story. I've published it on, and so far I've received amazing reviews, which has just blown me away. I was so nervous about posting it! Now I'm just so happy that people like it and think that I got Castiel's thoughts down perfectly... what a compliment! I wrote it from Castiel's point of view, because I find him fascinating, and the fact that we don't really get to see what's going on in that head of his... he's a bit of a mystery. And that's fun to explore! And, well, it's slash, which means it's kind of a love story between Dean and Cas. That isn't everyone's cup of tea, I know, hell, it wasn't mine, that's for sure, for a long time, but hey, we're all different. So if the idea of that freaks you out, icks you or makes you uncomfortable, please don't read it. I wont mind! In any case, it's not physical, that's only implied. There's no touching, etc. So, really, it's very tame. Just Castiel's thoughts and the resulting conversation with Dean. Anyhow. If you'd like to read it. I'm almost feeling a little proud of it... weird, but, I've had such good feedback that it's really allayed my fears, and I'm definitely encouraged to write more. 
Especially because I've written 2 fantasy stories and drawed 4 fantasy coloring pages now and they were both liked and got wonderful reviews. So, I'm feeling a bit braver! (Here is a short demo of the first story I wrote: "Exclusive Interview With Castiel, Angel Of The Lord". Anyhow, I have posted it here before, but there it is in case you missed it. I'm actually considering doing a few more in this interview series, with other characters like Bobby, Sam, etc). If you do decide to read it / them, please let me know what you think. Meanwhile my hand / wrist is feeling better. Not completely, of course, but I'm just glad the brace and Celebrex are helping, because that's a good sign it's only temporary. My house is so cold right now! They did say we'd have a cold winter this year, didn't they? Luckily, I have an awesome heater, thanks to mum, so with door snakes and closed doors along the hallway, along with solastic-ed windows to stop the drafts, it's infinitely better. I hope everyone is keeping warm (or cool) wherever you may be. I'll be back tomorrow probably to post something more substantial. Take care!