An Acai Berry a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A little twist on a old wives tale. Only this time its no tale. The acai berry with grows on the acai palm in the Amazon rain forest appears to be an all natural superfood. High antioxidant levels, omega oils, fiber, vitamins and minerals make this food source one of the most nutritious foods on earth. In addition to the acai berry the Amazon is the richest region of the world for herbal, botanical and pharmacutical discoveries today. The health of the native people of this area is something to be desired. Living on a daily intake of this nutritionally rich food source they don’t suffer the dibilating diseases that we in the western world suffer. Adding these beneficial foods to our diets will help balance our great eating habits we have here. From here you can find out about how others are finding benefits from the Amazon acai berry and the impact it is having on them. What products are available that use acai berry as its base. The nutritional value that you can derive from consuming the acai berry. What ever you need to find out about from the Amazon here we will try to find answers to your questions. Oprah Winfrey had Dr. Perricone, the author of the Perricone Promise, on her show who is a leading nutritional expert. He claims the acai berry to be today’s number one superfood. Reports have even shown that consuming the acai berry with its high levels of antioxidants can help fight cancer. And antioxidants have shown to be the best compounds for fighting the effects of aging.