Writing Chapters

I'm feeling a little discouraged after my session this afternoon with my therapist. I talked about my feelings of not making much progress during the past 9 months of marital counseling. And the feeling that most of what led me to an affair remains the same. His response, among several, was that I might be surprised to know how many couples divorce after their children graduate high school. And that our lives often have many chapters to them, and perhaps this is just one of many that will be the story of my life. And how he knows many people that divorced later in life and remarried to find levels of fulfillment and joy that they had not thought possible. Oh, and some cryptic references to finding someone that would make me genuinely happy once I was more available, should my path eventually lead to divorce. Not very cheerful stuff. Perhaps I have been still hoping to find that magic button that would improve things for me, the way my wife seems to have found a way to be happier than she was several years ago. But after my conversations today with my therapist, that seems a lot less likely now.