Hard Candy Beetle

I had been flirting with this polish for a long time then finally decided to bring it home during one of my rare trips to Walmart. This polish applied well (3 coats here) and my manicure lasted for about 4 days which for me it is pretty good. I didn't think it was all that until I heard one of my coworkers talk about "the cool color-changing polish Kat had on a couple of days ago". This is a really interesting duochrome nail polish. Not shy at all! It looks either green or purple depending on how the light hits it. I hope you can tell by looking at these pictures!

Hypnosis in Abu Dhabi, a Transformative Holiday

Today we’ll talk about hypnotherapy in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is a luxurious place which will for sure hypnotise you as soon as you arrive there.Abu Dhabi, the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai. Abu Dhabi is the perfect place if you are stressed and tired, because you will instantly forget about all your problems after you walk on the beautiful streets paved with flowers and after you have dinner at one of the very romantic and beautiful restaurants here.  Abu Dhabi has grown as a large and advanced metropolis and it’s also known as the fourth most expensive city in the region and also the 68th most expensive city in the world. As Abu Dhabi becomes a growing tourist destination. Many people are flocking here for a new trending mind body experience of hypnotherapy with UAE’s leading hypnotherapist.
Tourists are flying home literally transformed, healed, happy and inspired. Today the city is the Emirates center of political and industrial activities, as there are plenty of resources as petroleum(rock oil) and natural pearls, also the tourism has been improved so far and last, but not least, financial activities, including shopping, have also very big connotations in Abu Dhabi. As long as your funds let you do it, Hypnotherapy Abu Dhabi is all you need for your mind, body and soul because you will be absolutely fascinated by the landscape, you can also visit the commercial places and buy souvenirs for your loved ones, you can visit the beach, have a cocktail with a beautiful scene of the entire city from the tallest building. Make a great journey visiting Abu Dhabi, it’s worth it!

Joyland by Stephen King

The dark chronicler of our time. Joyland by Stephen King "Who dares enter the funhouse of fear". Here's what I believe about Stephen Edwin King: just as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey wrote the poetry of the younger Boomer generation, Stephen King has written our maturing prose story. From Boy's Only yarns like "Stand By Me" to the Horror-laden lifework that began with Carrie, he's caught the lifes of us real-life Boomers with unfailing veracity. Only Terry Pratchett seems to be able to consistently reach into that same Jungian zone we somehow share. How can a writer inspired by EC comic books as a kid have gone on to expand that four color EC world into a vast, unique, haunted Prose universe? The answer, whatever it is, makes Stephen today one of the most well-known writers living or gone. In a way I envy him. The writers who inspired me as a boy (Sir Charles G D Roberts, Grey Owl, Ernest Thompson Seton, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, Edgar Rice Burroughs) are either forgotten by all but the Faithful, or consigned to the Children's Shelf. But only in a way. The world just gets darker and Stephen grins and says, "See, I was right from the beginning!"

And yet Stephen's work still somehow throbs like a Who classic. There's hope in that sound. So now comes Joyland from Hard Case Crime. His hero is just an ordinary joe with an ordinary name (Devin Jones) who gets a job at an archetypal amusement park. It's got your House of Horrors, a mirror house, a wax museum and lots of thrilling rides. We've all been there, we think. But hang on: out of our memories Stephen is about to build nightmares. Partly, I don't understand the man. While Stephen was scared of things under his bed as a kid, I knew that the rustling under my bed was a short-tailed Manx cat that nobody else wanted or some critter I'd found Out There in the cruel world and was now healing (I hoped) in a shoebox with holes. But I understand the people he writes about. They're us. Joyland is available as a paperback book and an Audiobook (narrated by Michael Kelly). About it, Stephen says, "I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts. That combo made Hard Case Crime the perfect venue for this book, which is one of my favorites. I also loved the paperbacks I grew up with as a kid, and for that reason, we're going to hold off on e-publishing this one for the time being. Joyland will be coming out in paperback, and folks who want to read it will have to buy the actual book."

The most Popular Fly fishing Brands

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By now, the internet is half Inception essays, the other half being heated comment sections about Inception. Nolan's critics are not entirely wrong, but I just can't get worked up over their objections. I thought the movie was masterful, engaging, really top-shelf filmmaking. The audience I saw it with was suspended in rapt silence, until the final shot cut to black, an anguished collective groan, giving way to hearty applause. I sense a future classic. I really enjoyed seeing so many genre influences writ large (shots and ideas from movie history) worked into a fresh entertainment. I wish I had a dvd screener of it, I could do some convincing A/B shot comparisons. In no particular order: The rooftop meeting to discuss Yusef's dream drugs seemed right out of a nearly identical scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark (famously, Spielberg paying the locals to take down their TV antennas to better look like wartime Egypt in Inception, a sea of satellite dishes). 

The location, paired with a similar feel, a team assembled for a push into enemy territory, discussing what's next, seemed to me an unmistakable nod. The very Mission: Impossible plot of a secret team creating impersonations and clever manufactured situations to trick a guy at the end. Inception is more of a modern M:I than the Tom Cruise movies. At many points during the movie I felt retroactively hi-fived for watching the entire Mission: Impossible series. The Bond elements. Everyone calls out the machine-gun ski patrol/snow fortress as an On Her Majesty's Secret Service homage, sure. But something seemed very Nintendo Goldeneye 64 about the fortress and guards. A sort of latter-Bond amalgamation. And all-goon, all railing-kill land where you target cyphers through a rifle scope, and toss proximity mines into vent shafts. There's more certainly, but this pizza is not going to eat itself.


I've been on hiatus for a bit, and hopefully I'll return soon, i'll be back in the first week of september, but for now I've been focusing on keeping my spirit clear of negativity and reading and writing the blog has been on the back burner. Sometimes the state of the nation is just sensory overload and I need to channel that light and energy within until I'm a bit stronger. 

Craigslist Strikes Again

I am so sick of Craigslist. People giving dogs away "Free to good home" and then I get emails like this: Hi my name is Mary. I run a rescue in (month). I received a frantic phone call this morning from a man who recently adopted a jack russell. He has only had the dog less than a week and is already to dump in a shelter. He claims the dog is around 20 pounds and is mixed breed. Unsure on any shots and is not neutered. He was a free to good home on craigslist. They are unequipped to deal with the dogs issues and asked me to take him. I am really full right now and can not take this on. I am hoping to find the dog a safe place before the end of the day or I fear they will take him to a shelter where he will most likely not get adopted. I can be reached at (phone number). Thanks - Mary. This is so common! People dump their problems on someone else and then that person who has no emotional attachment to the dog dumps the dog and then what happens. Dead dof! I guess the kill shelter is better then abused. Seriously I think free to good home should not be allowed! Well really I wish Craiglist didn't exists for animals to be traded like inanimate objects.