Valentine's Day '13

Guess what important day is coming soon? Yes, you guessed it right: Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks from now. Single or committed, you can’t ignore this internationally celebrated day. The only difference is that those who are in love will spend a little bit more money than the single ones. Speaking about spending, a beautiful present offered to your loved one on this day should give you a free pass to more "yes, dear" than the regular "hell, no!". This could actually turn into your favorite holiday if you play your cards right. So, here are some tips for all men without a plan: 1. This year, you will start impressing her one day earlier. On the 13th, surprise her with a simple "Would you be my Valentine?" card. I don’t care if you have been married for a few years now, just do it. A little traditional touch couldn’t hurt. On the contrary! 2. It’s Valentine’s Day, of course she expects red roses when you see each other after work. If you insist on giving her red roses at least be a little bit less predictable. Make sure she finds them when she wakes up so she knows you are willing to make her feel special all day long.

3. Telling her how much you love her is crucial on this beautiful Valentine’s Day so check this website for great love poems. It never fails. 4.  You have to give her a present that is not flowers or chocolates. Women think they are in title of getting those every day of the year so surprise her with something else (anything besides kitchen tools; that is never a good idea)! The shortest way to a girl’s heart is showing her you don’t care if you make a fool of yourself in order to show her how much you love her. You have got to do something stupid that you wouldn’t normally do: wear pink underwear to work if it’s her favorite color, take her out wearing a T-shirt "Happy to date the girl of my dreams", take her to karaoke and sing for her love ballads, learn love poems by heart, etc. You won’t have to worry about the present she gets you; it won’t be half as good as yours so she will have to repay you one way or another. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Dolores Poacelli Studio Visit

Dolores Poacelli worked for many years as a graphic designer before turning her attention to being a full-time artist. She often works in series that can have up to 90-something pieces, depending on how obsessed she is with any certain idea. Her studio is dead in the heart of the Italian Market, where she says that she's the "Last Italian Left", and that's only a slight exaggeration since the demographics of the area have moved over the years from primarily Italian immigrant families to a mixture of asian, Mexican and South American immigrants. Dolores Poacelli will be showing work at AxD Gallery in a two-person show with Paul Davis Jones. "Resonances and Reflections" runs from May 20 to June 18th.