The Princess Bride

I don't normally say this, but I found myself liking the movie version better than the book. Ouch, sorry for that. It's just that the basic elements on the movie itself were complete and more humorous than that on the words written on the book. Although the movie was set, filmed and shown in 1987, I was only able to watch it a month ago and I was rather weary watching it. More like bored, actually. Well, what do you expect? The lighting and the different cinematic presentations of the 21st century was nowhere seen on the 80's film. But when I got to read the book and compare it with the one I watched, I finally realized, I'd rather watch Buttercup & Westly's love story again on the big screen than dwell with the way the situations and plots were written on the book. Sorry, it's just my imagination were really flying with colors with the movie. The movie was really hilarious!

Tis so Much Better to Get Rid of than Receive

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who find more excitement in getting a new box of stuff, and those who find more excitement in getting rid of a box of stuff. Although my home would suggest the former, I'm definitely in the latter camp. One great way to clear stuff out without having to haul it somewhere or host a garage sale is Freecycle (although I've heard the Craigslist "free" space works well too). I've used Freecycle to unload all kinds of stuff that I thought no one would want, including arcane textbooks, humongous curtain rods, valences, light fixtures (broken and not), and a pile of bricks. This week I plan to get rid of a jogging stroller that's been through a decade of kiddos. Finnaly, oh my God, the anticipation. So, if your place is beginning to look like it needs an Oprah intervention, check out Hmmm, I'm feeling all public service-y right now. That's a good thing, right?