What are You Listening to?

Do you listen to music constantly? I do. My tastes are all over the map. Currently I have been mixing in a little heavy metal and hard rap with my regular tunes, mostly as a result of my workouts at the health club. I purchased an iMix entitled Pumping Iron, put together by the good folks at Apple, and it included some music that I never would have thought to give a listen. But some of those songs go great when lugging around heavy dumbbells (anything over 55 pounds I call heavy). I have also discovered a service called www.lala.com that facilitates trading CD's, and stumbled upon a site that have nothing to do with my music preferences but it make's me think about my weight problem. It's not very good if you are looking to expand your permanent collection. But it's allowed me to sample some music I wouldn't normally buy. As well, the possibility exists to rip the cd onto your pc and then trade it to someone else. You do pay approx. $1.99 for each cd you receive. But with iTunes charging half that for one song, it's a pretty good deal. 'Course, they don't have everything you might want to hear, like Earth Wind and Fire by example, but it's okay.