Lose Weight Naturally

Certain changes have to be made to your diet too. Start first by getting rid of all those fries and sweet stuff. Sounds too tough - well, think of all those eager eyes staring mercilessly at you! Use natural substitutes instead. Get pre cut fruits and veggies. You can nibble on these when you are hungry. Having real fruits instead of fruit juices will cut out a large number of calories and will also fill your stomach more. The increased fiber intake is good for your bowels too. Have gallons of water, if you can! Water will alleviate the sharp pangs of hunger. By dissolving toxins, water will be good for your skin also. Water will remove any dehydration and the skin will take on a beautiful luster. Control your portions. Substitute white bread with brown. Eat in a smaller plate to help you lose weight. Visual appearances do affect our food intake. If you stuff a smaller plate with food, though the amount you take is lesser, your eye transmits the message that you have eaten a good quantity.
 Weight Shapes
Another way to "trick" your body is to eat slowly. It takes about 8 minutes for the brain to tell your stomach that the food you have eaten will suffice, thus you lose weight. So, take it slowly. Chewing on your food also gives you the kind of satisfaction that aids in reducing food intake. Starting off with a salad or a low fat soup is another great way to cut your food intake. Soups can be very beneficial if they are home made and thick. In addition to giving you lots of vital nutrients, they will also take away the sharp pangs of hunger that urge you to eat more than you actually want. Snacking in between meals is a good idea. Have a small salad bowl or a low fat cracker plate by your side. It is ok to eat 6 times a day provided your overall intake is lesser than before. Actually, healthy snacks especially those high in fiber will reduce hunger. Never eat after 7 pm. Go to bed on a light stomach. Eat a good and healthy breakfast. Go natural! 

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